Week of Jul 19-25

Georgia Wooden Post Manufacturer Cited for Failing to Protect Workers in Partial Amputation Case

DuPont Yard Inc. of Homersville, Ga. is facing $109, 546 in fines for allowing employees to operate unsafe machinery, resulting in a partial amputation of an employee’s hand.

The agency cited the company for the unguarded machinery, as well as failing to have an emergency stop switch on a conveyor, exposing employees to caught-in and amputation hazards.

In 2014, OSHA issued 14 citations, including eight repeated violations, to DuPont Yard for not keeping the floors and walkways free of debris, exposing workers to falls due to missing guardrails, as well as shock and burn hazards from uncovered wiring in junction boxes and electrical panels and not providing workers with forklift training.

Missouri Trenching Co Facing Hefty Fine for Unsafe Work Conditions

OSHA has cited Karrenbrock Excavating LLC for allowing two employees to work in an unprotected trench while installing sewers in Lebanon, Mo. The company faces proposed penalties of $189,221.

Fines were levied for the following violations:

  • Failure to use benching, sloping, shoring, or other protective systems to prevent a trench collapse;
  • Not conducting regular inspections of the job site;
  • Not training workers adequately to recognize and avoid unsafe trench conditions;
  • Failing to ensure a safe means for exiting the excavation; and
  • The company did not ensure that excavated materials were kept at least 2 feet from the trench edge.

OSHA initiated the inspection under its National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation.

WA Asbestos Removal Contractor Cited for Unsafe Practices

Washington’s DL&I has cited Above & Beyond Asbestos Removal in connection with two separate inspections. Along with citing and fining a company, L&I may decertify an asbestos contractor for multiple willful violations, and its announcement of the citations and find said this company is under review.

The company faces fines totaling $229,700.

L&I reported that the two recent inspections of Above & Beyond uncovered several similar violations. One work site involved the emergency removal of boiler insulation in a Seattle apartment complex, and the other concerned the removal of asbestos popcorn ceiling material in a single-family residence.

In both cases, the workers did not use proper safety equipment, required air sampling was not performed, and asbestos-containing material was left exposed to the public and was improperly taken through public areas, according to the agency.

Above & Beyond has been cited in the past for similar violations and has been identified by L&I as a severe violator — a designation that carries consequences, such as follow-up inspections at any of their facilities or sites that could have similar hazards.

WI Roofing Company Cited for Repeat Fall Hazard Violations

For the sixth time in five years, OSHA has cited a Menasha roofing contractor for repeatedly exposing employees to falls.

OSHA says it has cited Carols Ketz, operator of Ketz Roofing, after inspectors say they saw employees working without adequate fall protection on a commercial building in Appleton.

OSHA has proposed penalties totaling $48,777.