Waste Water Company and Others Indicted on Several Charges

Waste Water Company

Ventura, CA – The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office handed down indictments Wednesday on Santa Clara Waste Water Company and Green Compass Environmental Solutions LLC, following a nine-month investigation into the November 18, 2014, explosion which occurred  at the Santa Clara Waste Water Company facility located at 815 Mission Rock Road in Santa Paula.

Nine other defendants are expected to be arraigned within the next week.

The explosion and its chemical residue caused injury to numerous individuals, including employees of the company and first responders.  Sixty-seven individual witnesses  testified before the Grand Jury  during the eleven days of proceedings leading to the indictment of nine individuals and two corporate entities.

The charges include conspiracy to dispose of hazardous waste, failure to warn of a serious concealed danger, handling a hazardous waste with a reckless disregard for human life, withholding information regarding a substantial danger to public safety, filing a false or forged instrument, and dissuading a witness.

The defendants are expected to enter pleas before the case proceeds to trial.