Virginia OSH Cites Painting Company Following Worker Electrocution

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Alexandria, VA – The Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Program has issued four citations and $152,144 in penalties to Johnny Marenco Andasol and Darwin Marenco Andasol in Alexandria after a worker was electrocuted when an unguarded metal extension ladder made contact with a power line.

VOSH inspectors concluded that the employers failed to adequately train workers using ladders about hazards from overhead power lines, and provide a ladder with nonconductive side rails.

On September 27, 2017, an employee was painting the exterior of an apartment building and was utilizing a 40 foot, aluminum extension ladder to perform the task.

At some point during the course of work the employee was standing on the ground and grabbed the ladder in attempts to relocate the ladder from the side of the building where he was working to the back of the building.

During the process, the ladder made contact with a 7,200 volt, overhead power line and the employee was electrocuted. According to VOSH, the employer did not ensure that employees were trained on the requirements of the Overhead High Voltage Safety Act, prior to the employees performing work in close proximity to overhead power lines.