Video Report: Micro-Droplet Fire Suppression System

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Santa Paula, CA – Members of the Ventura County media were given a demonstration of the micro-droplet fire suppression system in Santa Paula, Monday.

Use of a diffuse spray was first proposed by Chief Lloyd Layman of the Parkersburg Fire Department, at the 1950 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) held in Memphis, TN.

Rich Sauer, founder and CEO of Micro-Dropletsystems Inc., and Ventura County firefighter for almost 40 years, has teamed up with Chris Wakim – a highly motivated self-taught machinist, from Simi Valley, CA, in their new, American-built Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP) company, located 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles, California.

Formed in February 2016, Micro-Dropletsystems is the evolution with water application on a fire.   The WASP is a stand-alone fire suppression system that delivers up to 10-gallons a minute and creates less than .3 mm size water droplets.  The size of water droplets is scientifically proven to maximize water’s ability to cool and suppress a fire.  The WASP unit pressure range is 350 to 400 psi, which makes this a very safe fire suppression nozzle to work around.

The WASP unit is not only for fire departments.  It is designed for Homeowners, Ranchers, and Wineries from wildfires; new suppression system for Airports, Ships, New multi-story construction projects, military, and Police Swat Teams.

SUN News Editor-in-Chief, Jules Griggs, a retired firefighter commented: “this type of technology has tremendous value here in the U.S.  It is nice to see these entrepreneurs taking the lead on this”.

Rich spoke to SUN News reporter, Jon Cowsill.