Video of Steam Explosion Injuring Construction Worker

Steam Explosion

Warning: Video contains some obscene language

Steam ExplosionSANTA CLARA, CA – County officials released cell phone video Tuesday of a so-called “steam explosion” that took place at the construction site on Sept. 3, 2014, when a worker was injured.

The video shows crews activating a steam system in the North Utility Loop, which is designed to provide steam and chilled water at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center facilities.

A worker who was coming out the manhole is caught in the explosion and crew members rush to his aid. Officials say he was badly injured, and even though they did not know his exact medical status, they point out he never returned to his job.

Santa Clara County says the video is one example why it’s trying to fire the contractor from a major expansion project.

The general contractor is Turner Construction and two days in a row, Santa Clara County has been hammering away at the company for delays in completing a new 168-bed building. The video is being used to discredit Turner for what the county says is a two-year delay in the hospital expansion.

The state’s industrial safety agency, Cal-OSHA, has no record of the incident. The worker did file for workers’ compensation, complaining of neck, digestive and nerve distress. He remains off the job.

Turner Construction told the County that they have re-designed the system.

The County says the steam system has yet to be redesigned and rebuilt, and is one of many problems adding to years of delays on the construction project.