US Coast Guard Talks to SUN News on Refugio Oil Spill Cleanup Effort

US Coast Guard

Goleta, CA – Plains All American Pipeline estimates that the cleanup of the oil spill near Refugio Beach has cost $96 million thus far, but the economic and environmental consequences may be more difficult to quantify.

SUN News visited the site of the cleanup and spoke to Sara Romero – US Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class.

In a recent statement, Plains All American Pipeline apologized for the spill saying…

“As the responsible party, we realize the disruption this unfortunate incident has caused to this community, to the environment and to the wildlife, and we deeply regret the accidental release of crude oil from Line 901. All of the various agencies that make up the Unified Command and Plains have worked very hard to restore the area and we believe this collective effort has produced meaningful results so far. While we are pleased with the progress that has been made and the tireless efforts of everyone involved in this response, we will not be satisfied until the job is done. Plains’ objective from the very beginning has been simple – Do the right thing and do it quickly. ”

SUN News will continue to follow this story.