TX Storage Tank Company in Deep for Repeat Safety Violations

OSHA has cited Alexander Tank Company – a manufacturer of steel storage tanks based in Luling, Texas – for exposing employees to amputation, confined spaces, and other safety hazards.

The company faces $234,528 in penalties.

OSHA cited Alexander Tank Company for 10 repeated and 12 serious safety and health violations, including:

  • Failing to implement lockout/tagout procedures to prevent machines from unintentional startup;
  • Lack of required machine guarding; and
  • Control permit-required confined space hazards while tanks were being welded.

OSHA also cited the company for not providing employees with adequate respiratory and hearing protection.

According to OSHA, moving machine parts have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries, such as crushed fingers or hands, amputations, burns, or blindness. Safeguards are essential for protecting workers from these preventable injuries.

Any machine part, function, or process that may cause injury must be safeguarded. When the operation of a machine or accidental contact injures the operator or others in the vicinity, the hazards must be eliminated or controlled.