TX EMS Agency to Deploy Body Cams

Source: kzenon - 123RF

HOUSTON, TXEMS1 reports that an EMS agency will be the first in the U.S. to equip its paramedics with full body cameras.

Cypress Creek EMS will deploy 93 Axon Flex 2 cameras across its agency after going through a trial period with the devices and proving their worth.

CCEMS Executive Director Bradley England, said, “We conducted a trial with Axon cameras in 2014 and it proved to be an invaluable teaching tool that improved our clinical practice and sped up advanced certifications”, adding, “The use of this technology contributed to saving at least two lives because our paramedics were able to show ER doctors exactly what they saw in the field.”

The cameras will “enable point-of-view video with unlimited HD and a 120-degree field of view,” according to a press release.

Axon CEO and Founder Rick Smith said the company aims to “provide the best technology solutions” to first responders.

“By offering all first responders the opportunity to capture and share critical video and other data on one network, they are able to seamlessly work together to improve health and safety in their communities,” he said.

According to a study conducted to assess the accuracy of patient care documentation, presented at the EMS World Expo in 2006, Jeffrey Ho, MD, the chief medical director for Hennepin EMS, MN, who also works as a deputy sheriff, described many uses of video in EMS, including:

  • Documentation of the mechanism of injury;
  • Identifying concerning or dangerous items on the scene;
  • Capturing the patient’s behavior and statements; and
  • Point-of-view recording of the methods used to secure, assess and treat the patient.