TX Construction Worker Killed by Grader

A construction worker installing gas lines near Georgetown was killed earlier this week after another worker accidentally hit him while driving a grader, according to Williamson County Sheriff, Robert Chody.

The worker was identified as 38-year old as Jose de Jesus Diaz-Venezuela.

Chody said that the grader, a piece of heavy equipment used to flatten surfaces, struck the worker, causing bleeding around his head, but did not run over. The worker was likely crouching down when he was hit.

He was conscious immediately after the accident, and his co-workers called for an ambulance. He died later, likely from cardiac arrest after an EMS crew arrived.

The construction site is about a mile and a half off of West Texas 29 near DB Wood Road. The gas lines were being installed by PUMPCO, Inc., based in Giddings.

OSHA is investigating the accident and will examine whether workplace safety or negligence was a factor.