Trucking’s Efforts to Improve Safety

Source: Jan Novak - 123RF

While truck driving is rated among the most dangerous jobs – according to statistics released by the US Bureau of Labor, it accounted for nearly 1,000 (987) deaths in 2017, representing 40 percent of total cases – Chris Spear, CEO of the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) said the industry is committed to safety on the nation’s highways, and to the deployment of proven technologies that will make the roads safer.

Spear told members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that the nation’s preeminent trucking advocacy group is committed to working with lawmakers as they begin work on a transportation reauthorization bill. 

Spear also spoke to the industry’s commitment to strengthen and grow the industry’s workforce, as well as to maintain fair and free trade.   

Spear said the ATA is committed to:

  • Improve safety through innovation;
  • Growing a diverse, well-trained workforce that shores up the very real and well-documented shortage of talent;
  • Generating and investing real money into our decaying infrastructure; and
  • Shaping free and fair trade agreements that make the US the strongest economy in the world.

Spear’s full testimony outlines ATA’s agenda for reauthorization, which includes:

  • Data-driven improvements to the current hours-of-service rules;
  • Rejection of onerous mandates for dubious technologies;
  • Support for proven safety technology systems;
  • Enhanced employer notification systems;
  • Use of hair samples for mandated drug screenings;
  • Workforce development measures like the DRIVE-Safe Act; and
  • Increased infrastructure investment.