Towing Association to Offer First Responder Training

The Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) has launched an initiative to promote life-saving responder training.

The Federal High Administration’s SHRP2’s National Incident Traffic Management (TIM) Responder Training Program (L12) continues to increase the number of incident responders trained in this multi-disciplinary training approach. More than 190,000 law enforcement, fire and rescue, and towing and recovery professionals and other organizations have taken advantage of the program.

The Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc. (TRAA) is  encouraging all TRAA members, state towing associations, and their members to host the 4-hour version of the National TIM Responder Training. The TIM Responder Training helps to ensure a well-coordinated response to traffic incidents, achieving faster clearance and improved safety for both responders and motorists.

Jim Austrich, FHWA SHRP2 product lead for TIM says, “This TRAA initiative will help us reach our goal to train nearly 80,000 towing and recovery professionals across the country.”

As of June 27, 2016, an estimated 16,558 towing and recovery professionals have already received TIM training – more than 20% of the towing and recovery professionals who have been identified for training. The TRAA’s aim is to implement and institutionalize TIM education within the industry.