Three Injured in Explosion at Texas Chemical Storage Plant

PASADENA, TX – Three people were injured in an explosion and fire at Schultz Container Systems, a German multinational corporation that produces high-quality bulk containers for transporting liquids and dry filling goods.
The Houston Fire Department hazmat crew joined firefighters battling the blaze at the business.
Two firefighters and one employee were injured during the firefight and taken to the hospital. Their condition is unknown.

Firefighters were struggling to enter the building, uncertain about the chemicals they were dealing with.

Thirty employees were cleaning containers when there was a “flash explosion” from some type of chemical reaction.

The cause of the fire remains unknown. Everyone inside the building was evacuated.

This is the second fire in Pasadena in less than a week. On October 2, at least four people were injured during an explosion at a chemical plant. The plant employed over 300 workers and operated seven days a week. Investigators have yet to determine what caused the explosion.