Thousands of Vehicles Pulled Following Brake Violations

Source: Rudmer Zwerver - 123RF

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Association (CVSA) has reported pulling 4,955 vehicles out of service until critical problems with their brakes could be fixed, following the inspection by enforcement personnel throughout Canada and the United States.

Brake violations were the leading vehicle out-of-service violation during the CVSA’s International Roadcheck 72-hour enforcement initiative in June 2018, and according to FMCSA data, (as of Sept. 28, 2018), out of 2.38 million inspections, there were 1,045,335 brake-related violations in federal fiscal year 2018, with a portion of those accounting for seven of the top 20 vehicle violations.

Seeking to address brake system violations, jurisdictions throughout North America participated in this year’s Brake Safety Week, with the goal of reducing the number of crashes involving brake-related problems, by raising awareness throughout the motor carrier community of the importance of properly functioning brake systems and by conducting roadside inspections to identify and remove vehicles with critical brake violations from the roads.

Brake Safety Week data also captured antilock braking system violations, indicating how well the systems are maintained in accordance with federal regulations. ABS helps a vehicle stop in the shortest possible distance under many conditions and maintain steering control in situations when tires may slip.

Many participating jurisdictions surveyed ABS compliance; ABS violations were counted when the malfunction lamp did not illuminate or stayed on.