Thermal Cameras a Click Away From Testing Temps at Businesses/Public Facilities

With millions of businesses poised to implement temperature taking technology for employees and perhaps even customers, thermal imaging is likely to be a regular feature at most business and public facilities in the fight against COVID-19.

Thermal imaging in business has been around for decades. The cameras can “see” heat through smoke, which is useful to firefighters.

Amazon is conducting daily temperature checks for employees, and other businesses are likely to do the same.

KTLA5 reports that a new automated temperature screening technology from Santa Barbara-based Seek Thermal, has created a contactless temperature screening system that they believe will soon be in high demand in the fight against coronavirus.

The camera detects skin temperature from about five feet away, then uses the reference heat source to ensure accuracy. Final software will convert the skin temperature into a more widely acceptable estimated body temperature.

The entire process takes just a few seconds and it can be done with or without an operator.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will start testing thermal cameras on Tuesday that can detect high temperatures among travelers, as announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti at a news conference Monday morning.

According to the mayor, the technology LAX will use can identify people with temperatures 100.4 degrees or more. One of the symptoms of COVID-19 is fever.

When the camera detects a person with an elevated temperature, a staff member will request they undergo a second screening with a medical professional. That professional will then use a non-contact thermometer to take the traveler’s temperature.

Airport officials will advise those confirmed to have high temperatures and are on departing flights not to travel.

Meanwhile, arriving international passengers deemed to be possibly ill may be referred to the CDC staffers for quarantine.

The airport will initially run the program at two locations: at the Tom Bradley international terminal at the main entrance of the departure levels and at the arrival area.

The mayor emphasized that the technology will not replace other safety measures at the airport, which already requires travelers to wear masks. enforces deep cleaning in trafficked areas, and has installed more than 250 hand sanitizing stations.

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