Tennessee Safety Fest

Tennessee OSHA is co-sponsoring the sixth annual Safety Fest TN Sept. 11-15 in Knoxville and Oak Ridge.

Safety Fest TN   is the combined efforts of federal, state and local agencies, large and small businesses, and non-profit organizations that come together to promote safety and health at work, at home, and in the community.

Safety Fest TN provides a week of free safety and health training and is dedicated to the mission of making the region the safest place to work and live in the United States.

Training classes to employers and workers are offered on topics including electrical hazards, ergonomics, fall prevention, and ladder safety.

One of the many topics covered at the Fest is a “chilled work environment” – a condition that exists when employees are unwilling or unable to raise concerns (not just safety concerns) because they fear retaliation or retribution.has been implicated in costly and dangerous safety, security, engineering, design and operations failures at plants and projects worth billions of dollars.

Over 80 free classes, sessions and demonstrations are on the Agenda, including:

  • He’s Fallen and He Can’t Get Up! Practical Advice for Employers Regarding Workplace Injuries
  • Tick Borne Illnesses and Prevention
  • New Reporting Requirements – TOSHA 300 Log Recordkeeping
  • The Inside Scoop on the Zika Virus
  • Hold My Matches and Watch This!!
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Human Performance Principles for Construction
  • Terrorism in East Tennessee: Persistent Paradigms & Emerging Trends
  • Creative Ways to Enhance Your Safety Program Through Employee Engagement
  • Skin Cancer Cause and Effect – Afternoon Session.

All Safety TN classes, sessions, and demonstrations are free. Registration is required.