Aliso Canyon Residents React to SoCalGas News Release of Efforts at Cleanup

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Aliso Canyon residents are reacting strongly to the news release by SoCalGas published on Friday in SUN News Report,  that the company is “making progress on its commitment to accelerate the inspection of storage wells at Aliso Canyon.”

Laura Gideon writes:

“I have submitted claims to have the brown, oily dots removed from my car IN JANUARY. No reimbursement. I have submitted claims to have the exterior of my home, backyard furniture, kids’ play equipment, etc. cleaned of these brown, oily dots. NO RESPONSE. I have submitted receipts for food and medical claims. HAVE HEARD NOTHING.”

And from Rudy Santos, another unhappy Aliso Canyon resident:

“There are two people living in my house who have serious illnesses and congenital heart defects. Both of them are experiencing running heart rates that have been communicated to SoCalGas. One of them is a 70-year-old that has been medically declared permanently disabled. The other is a 3-year-old who has a congenital heart defect with open heart surgery. Another surgery is scheduled at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, but required lab tests have been postponed twice because of upper respiratory infection and pneumonia.”

Tony Montana told us:

“It’s difficult to get SoCalGas to do anything for Porter Ranch residents. Many of us are still waiting for reimbursements, the resource center is just a waiting room with no positive outcome.”

SUN News was able to elicit the following response from SoCalGas:

“Anyone who has issues should call our Aliso hotline at 818-435-7707 or email to  They will then be assigned to a Community Liaison who can help them with the status of their reimbursements or similar issues. The company has 100 community liaisons available to assist residents with any questions they have, as well as approximately 150 processors working diligently to provide reimbursement checks as efficiently as possible.

“The company’s dedicated Customer Resource Center has been open for 80 days to provide one-on-one assistance to residents, and has served more than 23,000 visitors and over 11,000 resident email inquiries.”

“The Community Resource Center is staffed with more than 25 trained employees (many of whom live in and near Porter Ranch), a board-certified physician and multi-language interpreters to serve any residents who may have questions about relocation, reimbursements, claims or other information.”

SUN News will continue to monitor, and report on, developments at Porter Ranch.