Struck-By Injury Costs Hardware Co. $160K+

Source: OSHA

Atlanta, GA – OSHA has cited Hilti Inc. – a hardware merchant wholesaler – for exposing employees to struck-by hazards after an employee was injured while operating a forklift at its distribution center.

The company faces penalties of $164,802.

OSHA inspectors determined that Hilti failed to provide forklift operator training and instructions to employees operating the vehicles, and ensure that employees performed daily forklift inspections.

The company also faces penalties for the following:

  • Exposing employees to corrosive materials;
  • Failing to provide eyewash stations and showers in the work area;
  • Failing to notify OSHA within 24 hours of any incident that leads to an employee’s hospitalization, as required.

According to OSHA – employees are to be trained at the time they are assigned to work with a hazardous chemical.

The intent of this provision (1910.1200(h)) is to have information prior to exposure to prevent the occurrence of adverse health effects.

Also, training need not be conducted on each specific chemical found in the workplace, but may be conducted by categories of hazard (e.g., carcinogens, sensitizers, acutely toxic agents) that are or may be encountered by an employee during the course of his duties.

Furthermore, the training must be comprehensible.