Workers Evacuated After Ammonia Spill

MARIETTA, GA – An ammonia spill at a Talenti Gelato factory in Marietta, GA, kept Cobb County firefighters busy overnight cleaning it all up.

Marietta Fire Capt. George McKeehan said there were about 20 or so people inside, but they were evacuated immediately.

Firefighters worked nine hours containing the ammonia.

Ammonia is used as a refrigerant to flash-freeze ice cream at a super low temperature. Once the supply of ammonia is shut off, there’s still going to be some that’s still in the system seeping out, added McKeehan.

Two nearby buildings evacuated as a precaution. One of them was the Amrep building, which burned for hours a year and a half ago.

Authorities will continue monitoring the area to make sure levels are going the way they want them.

Officials feared ammonia got into the insulation, but the EPA said that would end up cleaned and a crew will begin repairs.