SoCalGas: Brown Spots in Porter Ranch Gas Leak Do Not Pose a Health Risk

LOS ANGELES, CA  – Socal Gas has issued a news release stating that “sampling results reviewed by both a toxicologist and a medical expert suggest that the brown spots do not pose a health risk”.

However, SoCalGas will continue to assess properties reported to have brown spots present and will provide cleaning services for those homes that have brown spots after that assessment.

The company stated that it had completed assessments on more than 300 homes reporting the presence of brown spots believed to be related to the once-leaking well at its Aliso Canyon storage facility. Cleaning has been completed at more than two dozen houses and 90 other homes have been scheduled.

As homes continue to be assessed, additional cleanings will be scheduled. Earlier this month, SoCalGas completed cleaning private schools and community playgrounds near the facility.

To date, no brown spots associated with the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility have been identified indoors.