SoCalGas Plans Exterior Cleaning Process This Week in Aliso Canyon

LOS ANGELES, CA – SoCalGas has announced in a news release that contractors will conduct assessments of approximately 140 homes nearest the Aliso Canyon storage facility where brown spots have been reported and are believed to be related to the once-leaking well.

Spots have generally been reported on outside surfaces. However, the company will also assess the handful of reports of residue on surfaces inside homes. SoCalGas will provide vouchers to residents who have brown spots on their vehicles for cleaning as well.

Sampling results reviewed by both a toxicologist and a medical expert suggest that the residue does not pose a health risk. However, SoCalGas is providing cleaning services for residents or reimbursing residents who have already had the residue cleaned.

According to the news release, heating, ventilating and air conditioning professionals say residue is not likely to have gotten into duct systems of residences because the vast majority of residential Forced Air Heating & Air Conditioning systems are sealed and do not pull in outside air. For the very few systems that take in a small amount of outside air, the filter should capture particles before the air is circulated, according to the professionals.

Extensive and continued testing and analysis by health and air quality experts, including the County, show that the air in the community has completely returned to normal. The majority of residents never left Porter Ranch and many others who were once relocated have returned home.

Additionally, since March 3, SoCalGas has helped clean indoor air by installing over 23,000 air filtration systems (scrubbers, plug-ins and filters) in nearly 8,300 homes, schools, and businesses. 

Also, as part of its commitment to help residents return home safely, last Friday, SoCalGas announced it has approved and processed over 17,000 reimbursements, totally over $36 million.