SoCalGas Stems New Leak in Aliso Canyon

PORTER RANCH, CA  – SoCalGas employees have discovered another leak at the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility near well SS-10.

The leak was caused by a failed threaded fitting on a three-inch pipeline that is not associated with well SS-10. The leak has lasted five days as crews work to make repairs on the pipeline.

Residents are renewing calls to Governor Jerry Brown to decommission the Aliso Canyon storage facility and shut it down permanently.

Alexandra Nagy, Southern California Organizer, Food & Water Watch says: “Since the gas blowout that caused over 15,000 people to be displaced from their homes was finally capped, residents have been exposed to ongoing releases of chemical odorants, and now, to more leaks from Aliso Canyon. It’s clear that SoCalGas has lost control of their facility and is unable to prevent future disasters or pollution from affecting the nearby community and the planet. We stand with Porter Ranch families in calling on Governor Brown for the permanent closure of Aliso Canyon storage facility. Governor Brown needs to stand up to SoCalGas and be a real leader on climate by taking bold action for our communities now and for future generations.”

Chris Gilbride, SoCalGas spokesperson told SUN News: “Saturday’s incident was a minor leak on a 3-inch diameter pipe, not a leak at one of the wells at the site. It was stopped the same day and permanent repairs were made Sunday. The incident was identified during routine daily monitoring put in place to detect leaks. At no point was there any risk to the community or employees working at the site.”

Gilbride added: “Despite the  very minor nature of the leak, SoCalGas notified multiple agencies, and inspectors responded to the site and observed the situation.  SCAQMD inspectors were also on site Sunday morning and confirmed the leak was stopped.”

Saturday’s leak at the Aliso Canyon storage facility released 0.00024 MCF (million cubic feet) of natural gas, which is equivalent to:

  • 0005% of the contents of a single residential propane barbecue cylinder.
  • 001 gallons of gasoline, or approximately 0.003 of one cent worth of regular gas at today’s average price in Los Angeles.
  • 03 miles driven by passenger vehicle, or around three or four blocks.