Seattle Employer Fined For Serious Safety and Health Violations

Health Violations

health violationsTumwater – A Seattle employer has been fined $215,250 for multiple serious workplace health violations after a worker became entangled in a rotating shaft while working inside a confined space.


The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) fined Industrial Container Services for exposing workers to serious harm or even death. The company was cited previously for many of these hazards, but they had not been corrected.


Industrial Container Services refurbishes metal drums and other industrial containers. The company operates a “drum shot-blaster unit,” a 24-foot long tunnel with a series of rotating shafts that move metal drums through as they’re being shot-blasted to remove paint and coatings.


L&I began its investigation in January 2015 after a worker was hospitalized after being injured while working inside a drum shot-blaster. The investigation found that workers were regularly entering the equipment to perform maintenance and repair without the necessary safety precautions.


Working inside a “confined space” area, such as the drum shot-blaster unit, without safety precautions can be deadly to workers and would-be rescuers.

Confined space hazards can include suffocation, toxic atmospheres, engulfment, entrapment and other dangerous conditions. These incidents are fully preventable.