Scaffold Collapse in Oakland Injures 19 Workers

Nineteen construction workers were injured when the scaffolding at a building site in Oakland collapsed on May 26. There were no fatalities.

The scaffold stretched over an opening bridged by rebar and freshly poured concrete intended to serve as a portion of the building’s second floor. When the scaffold gave way, several workers were trapped up to their knees in wet concrete while others clung to exposed rebar and cables to prevent themselves from falling to the ground some 15 feet below.

Other workers rushed to the aid of the victims, using wood and ladders to retrieve hanging workers, while others helped extricate those mired in the concrete.

Injuries were mostly minor, including cuts and bruises, and injured workers were transported to three local hospitals.

A witness stated the collapse occurred due to too much weight on the scaffold. California work-safety officials are investigating to determine whether any additional causes of collapse existed and possible employer responsibility.