Safety Pays in Mining

NIOSH’s new, free web tool—Safety Pays in Mining—offers mining companies information on the cost of injury claims, as well as a few suggestions on how that same money might be spent in other ways.

Preventing injuries saves workers from pain and disability, but it also helps companies save money that could be put toward other expenditures.

Safety Pays in Mining displays not only distributions of direct costs for specific injuries, but also an estimate of indirect costs stemming from the incident, including overtime for other workers to fill an injured worker’s role, training costs for a replacement worker, and time spent using administrative resources to address the injury. Seeing the cost of injuries spelled out in dollars may help companies see that in mining, investing in safety pays.

Safety Pays in Mining demonstrates how avoiding occupational injuries impacts the success of your company. With your input, it estimates the total cost of occupational injuries to your company and its effect on profitability. Safety Pays in Mining also gives examples of how your company could spend the savings from occupational injuries that are prevented.

If you need help with using the tool, please refer to the User’s Guide. For additional information on the data and calculations used in Safety Pays in Mining, see the Technical Guide.