Safety Board Calls for Action on Collision Avoidance Systems

Source: cheskyw - 123RF

Collision avoidance systems reduce accidents and save lives and injuries, and should be standard on all new passenger and commercial vehicles, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) declared in a statement yesterday.

In a Special Investigation Report, the NTSB said the electronic systems can prevent or lessen the severity of rear-end crashes.

The safety board cited government accident statistics that indicated rear-end crashes killed about 1,700 people in 2012 and injured 500,000 more. More than 80% of these deaths and injuries might have been mitigated had the vehicles been equipped with a collision avoidance system, NTSB said.

The Agency said it has investigated rear-end crashes and has encouraged technological countermeasures since 1995. To date, the board has issued 12 recommendations pertaining to this safety issue, including in another Special Investigation Report in 2001.

The NTSB is also issuing a companion Safety Alert for consumers and commercial fleet owners that urges them to consider vehicles with collision warning and autonomous emergency braking functions.