Rogue Wave Kills One, Injures Two on North Sea Oil Rig

One crew member died and two others were injured on Wednesday when a breaking wave crashed into the COSL Innovator drilling rig in the North Sea.

The Statoil operated COSL drilling rig was heading to shore under its own power on Thursday as evacuations took place after a wave slammed into the rig during a storm.

The two injured people are receiving medical treatment after being flown back to shore by Statoil rescue helicopters.

The names of the three victims have not been disclosed.

The COSL Innovator is under contract to Statoil for work at the Troll field in the North Sea, west of Bergen.

Statoil said the rig had been taken off the well ahead of the storm and before the incident occurred.

The breaking wave also caused some damage to the rig’s accommodation module, the company added.

No environmental impacts were reported.

Statoil is assisting COSL with evacuation of the rig down to the safety crew and evacuees are being flown ashore.

A reception facility for evacuees has been established at Kokstad, where personnel will assist those who were on board the rig.

Specialist including doctors, nurses and psychologists will also be on hand to assist.

The Troll field lies in the northern part of the North Sea and contains about 40 percent of the total gas reserves on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The storm also prompted BP and ConocoPhillips to order precautionary platform evacuations in the North Sea.

BP temporarily suspended production at its Valhall platform after the storm tore a barge from its moorings and sent it towards the platform.

ConocoPhillips restarted production at its Eldfisk and Embla oilfields on Sunday.