Residents Take Shelter After Risk of Explosions and Pesticide Exposure

Pesticide Exposure

WRENTHAM, Mass. – Residents in the area of a chemical spill in Wrentham were asked to shelter in place Thursday, and a woman was injured after explosives were found.

At about 2:20 p.m., police responded to 500 West St. for a reported chemical spill and explosives found in a greenhouse in back of the home.

Homeowner Kelly Williams said, “There is a shed on the property that we never cleaned out. The previous owner died and left all the stuff in the shed, it was full of junk.”

Williams’ wife and two young kids were cleaning the shed when they came across blasting caps that were decades old.

Deputy Fire Chief David Wiklund said, “Blasting caps contain a small amount of explosives. Usually electrically detonated, we had no idea of the caps and of the chemicals in there.”

Officials also say other unknown products and chemicals were found. The caps were later blasted for safety.

Residents in the area were asked to shelter in place as officials believed there was a risk of explosions and pesticide exposure. West Street, Route 121, was temporarily closed between Bennett and Green Streets.

Hazmat technicians and the bomb squad were on the scene throughout the day Thursday.

The mother was treated and later released from the hospital.