Public Works Employee Dies After Being Struck By Vehicle

Omaha, NE – A leader of a public works crew that was patching potholes at 144th and U, was fatally injured when a car drifted into the lane he was working in, hitting him and causing a head injury.

Officials at Nebraska Medicine confirmed that 48-year-old Sal Fidone was pronounced dead at the hospital Friday.

Public officials say the first time they can recall a public works employee dying as a result of an incident while on the job.

At the time of the accident, investigators found maintenance workers were following every safety precaution, wearing required reflective vests, providing warnings to motorists, and had their vehicles parked in the correct location.

Tony Burkhalter, a representative of the Nebraska Public Employees Local 251 labor union, released a statement shortly after the accident, appealing to the motoring public to be mindful of workers, adding, “this tragedy has affected all of us because it could have been any one us.”

The driver of the vehicle involved in the incident has not been charged.

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