Plains All American Pipeline Apologizes for Oil Spill at Refugio

Plains All American Pipeline

In a statement released on June 24th, Plains All American Pipeline “deeply regrets” the oil spill at Refugio Beach on May 19th:

“As the responsible party, we realize the disruption this unfortunate incident has caused to this community, to the environment and to the wildlife, and we deeply regret the accidental release of crude oil from Line 901. All of the various agencies that make up the Unified Command and Plains have worked very hard to restore the area and we believe this collective effort has produced meaningful results so far. While we are pleased with the progress that has been made and the tireless efforts of everyone involved in this response, we will not be satisfied until the job is done. Plains’ objective from the very beginning has been simple – Do the right thing and do it quickly. ”

Progress continues in each of the five of the work zones in the recovery area: the water zone, the beach zone, the bluffs zone, the culvert zone and the release site.

Plains estimates the cost at approximately $92 million on the clean-up and response effort.  This is only an estimate of spill response and clean-up costs and does not include other potential costs, including all third-party claims, fines, penalties or regulatory or court proceedings or lost revenues.

The statement adds: “Plains remains committed to staying actively engaged in this response effort until the job is done.”