PHMSA Issues Final Rule on Shipping Hazardous Materials

Source: 123RF/22436341s

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), in consultation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), today issued a final rule to align the U.S. Hazardous Materials Regulations with current international standards for the air transportation of hazardous materials.

These amendments, as shown in the Federal Register, revise certain special provisions, packaging requirements, information to the pilot-in-command requirements, and exceptions for passengers and crewmembers.

In addition to facilitating harmonization with international standards, several of the amendments in this rule are responsive to petitions for rulemaking submitted by the regulated community.

The PHMSA was created in Nov 2004 to protect the American public and the environment by ensuring the safe and secure movement of hazardous materials to industry and consumers by all transportation modes, including the nation’s pipelines.

Through PHMSA, the Department develops and enforces regulations for the safe, reliable, and environmentally sound operation of the nation’s 2.3 million mile pipeline transportation system and the nearly 1 million daily shipments of hazardous materials by land, sea, and air.