Petroleum Refiner and Contractor Fined After Fatality at Alabama Facility

Source: Hunt Refining

TUSCALOOSA, AL – The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Turner Specialty Services LLC and Hunt Refining Co. for safety violations after an employee suffered a fatal injury at a refining facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The two companies collectively face $106,080 in penalties.

The employee asphyxiated when he lost air supply while working in a confined space. OSHA cited Turner Specialty Services LLC – an industrial contractor – for failing to ensure personnel outside the permit-required confined space were capable of providing effective rescue.

OSHA also cited the contractor for allowing an employee to enter the permit-required confined space with insufficient lighting equipment, and for assigning members of the rescue team other duties that prevented them from responding to an emergency event.

OSHA cited Turner Specialty Services LLC and Hunt Refining Co. – a petroleum refiner –for failing to ensure that the confined space entry permits identified all hazards of the space, and document that all the steps required to ensure the employee’s safety in a confined space were completed.

OSHA also cited Hunt Refining Co. for failing to ensure, through periodic evaluations, that Turner Specialty Services fulfilled their obligations as specified in the Process Safety Management standard.

OSHA Area Director Ramona Morris, in Birmingham, Alabama, said, “Employers should never allow workers to enter a space without properly evaluating the hazards and following required safety standards associated with entry.”