Owner of Construction Company Killed in Construction Accident

Construction Accident

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS – Officials have identified the construction worker who was killed in an accident Tuesday morning at the old Jourdan River Steamer restaurant property on Mississippi 603.

Coroner Jim Faulk said 54-year old Gary Berthelot, president of Berthelot Design/Construction Inc., which has been overseeing the rebuilding of the restaurant, was killed when a section of flooring collapsed about 7:30 a.m.

“Berthelot was standing underneath as the other workers were pouring the concrete,” he said.

Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass said workers tried to rescue Berthelot but his injuries from the initial collapse were too severe.

Officials said workers were pouring concrete on a raised deck that would overlook 5,300 square feet of a dining area.

The restaurant had been closed since 2012, when it received severe structural damage during Hurricane Isaac.

The original building had subsequently been razed to make way for construction of a new restaurant, raised on piers to avoid the Jourdan River’s frequent flooding.