OSHA Program on Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticides

Source: 123RF/79583942s

Agricultural OSHA  (AOSHA) has launched a new regional program to address hazards from exposure to fertilizer-grade ammonium nitrate (FGAN) and agricultural anhydrous ammonium.

OSHA Regional Administrator Kimberly Stille in Kansas City, Mo. said in a statement, “The 90-day outreach period is an opportunity for employers to proactively seek compliance assistance to ensure they are adequately protecting workers.”

The agency’s Regional Emphasis Program (REP) will cover seven states including Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Workers employed in the fertilizer storage, mixing/blending, and distribution industry can face hazards that can lead to serious injury, illness and death, including fire and explosions, as well as exposure to toxic gases and hazardous chemicals, OSHA stated.

Following the 3-month period, which began Oct 1, OSHA will begin enforcement.