OSHA Enforcement

OSHA has cited Mister Cookie Face LLC for machine safety hazards after an employee suffered an amputation at the Lakewood, New Jersey, facility. The company faces $103,476 in penalties.

A sanitation employee suffered a fingertip amputation and a fractured finger when the machine the worker attempted to unjam, activated.

OSHA cited the company for the following:

  • Failing to lockout machines to prevent unintentional startup during servicing;
  • Not ensuring employees used personal protective equipment;
  • Not providing an eyewash station where employees used corrosive chemicals; and
  • Exposing employees to bloodborne pathogens hazards.

Rivera Agri Inc. – a provider of temporary agricultural labor – has been cited for failing to protect employees working in excessive heat after a farmworker succumbed to apparent heat-related symptoms while working in a cornfield near Grand Island, Nebraska.

The heat index reached 100 degrees on two days in July 2018. OSHA inspectors determined that the company failed to implement and train employees on a heat injury and illness prevention program. OSHA cited the company for a serious violation of the General Duty Clause, and proposed penalties totaling $11,641.

OSHA Omaha Area Office Director, Jeff Funke, said, “This tragedy underscores the need for employers with workers exposed to high temperatures to take simple, well-known precautions – such as ensuring workers have access to water, rest, and shade – to keep workers safe in extreme heat.”