OSHA Enforcement

Hastings, NE — OSHA has cited Noah’s Ark Processors LLC — based in Hastings, Nebraska — for process safety management violations after an employee suffered severe burns caused by exposure to anhydrous ammonia, a gas used as an industrial refrigerant. The beef processing plant faces penalties of $182,926 for 16 serious safety violations.

OSHA cited the company for process safety management (PSM) program deficiencies, failing to guard roof openings, and electrical safety and lockout/tagout violations. The PSM standard requires employers to properly manage hazards associated with processes using highly hazardous chemicals.

Johnstown, PA – OSHA has cited Insight Pipe Contracting LLC for workplace safety and health violations following an employee’s electrocution and has issued $331,101 in proposed penalties to the Harmony, Pa.-based contractor.

OSHA opened a safety investigation after an employee suffered fatal electrocution. Two employees who attempted to assist him were hospitalized after receiving electrical shocks.

The employees were making a trenchless sewer repair when the incident occurred. OSHA conducted a subsequent health investigation upon referral from the

OSHA safety compliance officer who investigated the fatality, cited the company for the following violations:

  • Failing to develop and implement procedures for confined space entry;
  • Not training employees on confined space hazards;
  • Failing to conduct atmospheric testing before permitting entry into a sewer line;
  • Failing to use a retrieval line; and
  • Not completing proper permits.

The agency has placed the company in its Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

Coral Gables, FL Compass Group USA Inc. – operating as Chartwells Dining – is facing severe penalties in the amount of $134,880 for exposing employees to burn and chemical hazards at its cafeteria in Coral Gables.

OSHA cited the business for exposing employees to hazards associated with:

  • Exit routes;
  • Failing to provide suitable facilities for quick drenching for employees who work with cleaning chemicals; and
  • Not providing effective training to the employees working with the chemicals.