OSHA Enforcement

Port St Lucie, FL – OSHA has cited Turnkey Construction Planners Inc. – a roofing contractor based in Melbourne, Florida – for exposing employees to fall hazards. The company faces $199,184 in penalties.

OSHA initiated an inspection as part of its Regional Emphasis Program on Falls in Construction.

Inspectors observed employees working without the use of conventional fall protection at two separate worksites in Port St. Lucie, Florida. OSHA has cited the company four times in the past five years for similar violations.

Wichita, KS –  Midwest Drywall Company Inc. is facing penalties in the amount of $77,604 for safety violations, after part of a forklift fatally crushed an employee at the company’s Wichita, Kansas, facility.

The inspection revealed that a hydraulic boom hoist cylinder came free from the supporting slings, and landed on top of the employee.

OSHA cited the company for serious violations of forklift, machine guarding, and control of hazardous energy standards.

Minnesota  – OSHA issued six willful serious citations and $375,000 in penalties to Meadowland Farmers Co-op after a worker became engulfed by grain and suffocated.

Inspectors determined that the co-op failed to guard a grain chute floor hole, ensure workers wore a body harness with a lifeline, and provide a safety observer or rescue equipment for workers entering a silo.

Nebraska – OSHA has cited Thiele Dairy for failing to develop and implement safety and health programs related to grain bin entry after an employee suffered fatal injuries.

OSHA inspectors determined that an operating sweep auger lacerated an employee’s leg as he attempted to remove corn from inside a grain bin at the Clearwater, Nebraska, dairy.

OSHA cited the company for eight serious violations of the grain bin safety standard, and one other-than-serious violation for failing to report the fatality within the required eight hours.

Ohio – OSHA has cited United Parcel Service (UPS) for repeatedly putting workers at risk by obstructing exit routes at its Sharonville, Ohio, distribution center. The company faces $208,603 in proposed penalties.

OSHA inspectors determined that UPS failed to maintain exit routes at multiple facility locations.

A roller extension unloader device was permanently located and attached to a belt conveyor limiting the access route, management allowed packages to accumulate in aisles, and some access routes were reduced to just seven inches.

The company is contesting the findings before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.