Online Training on Mobile Devices

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Training on Mobile Devices
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While many claim to offer online training on mobile devices, at present, tablets and smart phones are rather limited in their capabilities. Technological companies sell mobile devices and tablets claiming they can replace computers. But the fact is that they can’t, at least not at this point in time. Consumers are getting sold a bill of goods thinking that their tablet can replace their computer, but this is not going to work unless, of course, they buy a Windows tablet; in which case they are really just buying a computer.

On the other hand, the e-learning industry would like you to think you can take any kind of training you would like on mobile devices, and this, too, is just not the case. Typically, the type of training that is available on mobile devices is noncompliant training that allows users just to get information freely without restriction. But since most compliant training requires users to spend a certain amount of time in the training, or requires them to take an active role in their training, the mobile platform is rather restricting.

Another form of vagary involves the term “mobile ready.” In reference to e-learning, does this mean training can be taken on a tablet or on a smart phone? Even though smart phone screens are getting bigger and bigger, does this mean you would be able to take all your training on a smart phone? As mentioned above, there are limitations, both by the type of device and the current state of the e-learning industry. For instance, taking training on mobile devices typically means taking the training via HTML 5, and HTML 5 is still a technology that is not one hundred percent complete. With so many different types of platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Mobile – and browsers – Chrome, Safari, etc. – there are so many factors that can complicate training.

The good news is that the e-learning industry, although not there yet, is getting to a point where you can comfortably take online training on mobile devices. For Safety Unlimited, we have been working hard and are now pleased to offer a mobile Beta version of the H2S Awareness course.

New Mobile Version of H2S Awareness Course

New Mobile Version of H2S Awareness Course

We have very exciting news to share. We have released a mobile Beta version of the H2S Awareness course, our first course that […]