Oil Spill Prompts Fraudulent Certificate Warning

Fraudulent Certificate Warning

Source: Safety Unlimited

Fraudulent Certificate Warning

Companies hiring workers on hazardous waste clean-up operations – such as the recent oil cleanup effort in Santa Barbara and Long Beach – are warned to verify the validity certificates of employees PRIOR to hiring them.

Jules Griggs, President and CEO of Safety Unlimited, Inc. says if these certificates are not verified, employers could be hiring unqualified personnel on their sites, leading to unsafe conditions, and possibly resulting in serious consequences. He says there have been instances where genuine certificates are being copied and altered, and recently sent emails to perpetrators to cease and desist.

Workers on these sites typically have taken a 40-hour HAZWOPER training course, or a refresher course, and are issued a certificate by the training organization on completion, an example of which is seen below.

Griggs urges all companies engaged in clean-up operations to contact the issuing body to verify that the certificate is genuine.

Fraudulent Certificate Warning
An example certificate for the OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER