NY Food Packager in the Soup for Serious Workplace Safety Hazards

Source: Ruslan Nassyrov - 123RF

A New York fruit and vegetable packer has been fined $200,791 for exposing its employees to amputation, chemical, operational injury, and laceration hazards.

OSHA inspectors found that Holli-Pac Inc. failed to properly protect its employees from an ill-maintained package-filler machine.

Parts of the machine did not have doors to prevent employee contact with operating parts, and the access door on another part lacked an interlock mechanism.

Furthermore, OSHA found that the company:

  • Did not have adequate lockout/tagout procedures;
  • Did not train employees on hazardous chemicals in the workplace;
  • Did not obtain annual audiograms for employees exposed to excessive noise levels; and
  • Did not require employees to wear appropriate eye and face protection, or repair damaged electrical equipment.

OSHA conducted the inspections under the Site-Specific Targeting Program, which directs enforcement resources to workplaces where very high rates of injuries and illnesses have occurred.