NY Construction Worker Dies in Scaffolding Collapse

A construction worker doing restoration work on the façade of a building on Lexington and 36th street, NYC, was killed when the scaffolding holding two workers collapsed and fell onto a shed below.

According to Spectrum News, the workers were on scaffolding near the 11th floor when part of the building’s parapet broke away from the roof.

The weight of the debris brought the scaffolding down to the sidewalk shed below, killing 59-year-old Mario Salas.

A property manager stated that they put up the sidewalk shed a year and a half ago.

The report stated that building owners often erect sidewalk sheds to protect passersby from debris that may fall from unsafe buildings, but some fail to quickly repair the unsafe condition.

Salas had started working for the Edras Group two weeks prior after losing his last construction job because of the pandemic.

The city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) issued 43 violations to the company over the past 10 years. They had all been resolved. The company had no violations at this site.

The DOB says because of its new initiatives, worksite accidents dropped 20 percent last year, and they continue to decrease this year.

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