NY Construction Accidents: Coalition Calls For a Training and Apprenticeship Program

NEW YORK CITY – The rise in construction accidents and deaths in NYC has spurred a new group of nonunion companies to launch a training and apprenticeship program — intended as a direct rebuttal to organized labor’s demands for new safety and training regulations.

BuildingNYC, a coalition of developers and contractors, has partnered with Associated Builders and Contractors, which is a national federation of nonunion companies, to provide training for construction workers, following a spate of construction accidents in the city.

The New York Observer reported city figures that 11 people were killed on the job at construction sites, driving organized labor to press for new rules and higher standards.

Meantime, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city will quadruple fines for serious safety lapses and undertake “proactive” safety investigations at 1,500 construction sites.

Jules Griggs, SUN News Editor-in-Chief, and CEO and Training Director of our parent company, Safety Unlimited, Inc. says,  “safety training for construction workers is extremely important and it’s good to see the City taking a proactive approach in this vein.  A positive safety or negative attitude for any worksite starts at the highest level of leadership and executive management.”

He added, “construction work is hazardous, but shouldn’t be dangerous.”