NIOSH’s Health Monitoring and Surveillance for Emergency Responders

NIOSH has worked with the U.S. National Response Team (NRT), and a number of federal agencies, state health departments, labor unions, and volunteer emergency responder groups to develop the Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance™ (ERHMSTM) framework.

The ERHMSTM framework provides recommendations for protecting emergency responders during small and large emergencies in any setting. It is for use by all who are involved in the deployment and protection of emergency responders, including incident command staff, response organization leadership, health, safety and medical personnel, and emergency responders.

ERHMS Info Manager leverages the capabilities of a long-standing data management and informatics tool Epi Info™. Epi InfoTM is a public domain suite of interoperable software tools designed by CDC for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers.

All calculations and analyses in ERHMS Info Manager™ are created using Epi InfoTM, which has well-documented features and methods that are available on the Epi Info™ website. (Installation of Epi Info™ is not required as it is included with ERHMS Info Manager™.)

A user guide and five training videos have been developed to enable users to better understand and utilize ERHMS Info ManagerTM. It is strongly recommended all users of ERHMS Info ManagerTM become knowledgeable in using Epi InfoTM.