NIOSH Releases PPE Database For Identifying Standards

NIOSH has developed a PPE-INFO database to help determine which PPE standards must be met by the equipment used by workers.

The database compiles federal regulations and consensus standards for respirator and non-respiratory PPE. The database is a tool for standards developers, certification organizations, manufacturers, purchasers, end-users, safety and health professionals, and researchers.

The information in the database can be used to determine whether a product meets a certain standard, and whether the performance requirements of that standard meet their need.

NIOSH states that the future direction and functionality of the PPE-Info Database depends on its users.

Some of these functions include:

  • Refining the application with assistance from stakeholders in the PPE community;
  • Completing/updating data by forming partnerships with Standards Development Organizations and work to increase automation of standard revisions;
  • Analyzing data using Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code descriptors;
  • Developing information about PPE products that claim to comply with the regulations and standards in this database (both 3rd party certifications and 1st party declaration of conformance);
  • Compiling information regarding conformity assessment activities (e.g. certification, testing, inspection, quality management) for PPE; and
  • Provide PPE selection guidance for healthcare workers during a microbial exposure (e.g., Ebola).