NFPA Receiving Emergency Responder Robotics Requests

The NFPA’s Standards Council has received requests to begin developing an ANSI standard on operational protocol and professional qualifications for operators of robotics, including drones, used in emergency responder applications.

The requests are for the development of an ANSI Accredited Standard on operational protocol and professional qualifications for operators of Emergency Responder Robotics (including Unmanned Aerial Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and other robotics utilized in emergency responder applications).

The organization said in a statement, “Comments regarding operational protocols and professional qualifications for emergency services operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS”) are specifically being sought; comments regarding other emergency responder robotics applications and technologies are additionally welcomed.”

Currently, no known standards establish protocol for the operation of robotics, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAVs”), by emergency services personnel nor professional qualifications for  UAS operators in emergency services applications.

If the council approves the request, the expectation is that a new NFPA Technical Committee will be established to provide expertise and a balance of interested stakeholders specific to applicable technologies and operations.

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