New Ruling on Chain-of-Custody Forms for DOT-Regulated Companies

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has just published a final rule that now allows DOT-regulated employers like trucking companies and airlines to finally use electronic ‘Chain of Custody’ forms (eCCF).

Companies will still be allowed to stick with paper if they wish.  When using the eCCFs employers must be able to guarantee adequate confidentiality and security of the electronic records. According to the DOT, that includes protecting the physical security of the records, access controls and computer security to keep the electronic data confidential.

Everyone participating in the system has to have the same controls in place, which includes the laboratories and the Medical Review Officers.

The new DOT rule went into effect on April 13, 2015, but employers still have to wait.  Laboratories still need to get their process approved. It could be up to a year before the option is available for all DOT companies.