New OSHA Guidance to Improve Safety and Health

OSHA has launched a new web page on Leading Indicators for Safety and Health to help employers learn how they can use leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in the workplace.

Leading indicators can play a vital role in preventing worker fatalities, injuries, and illnesses and strengthening other safety and health outcomes in the workplace.

Leading indicators are proactive and preventive measures that can shed light about the effectiveness of safety and health activities and reveal potential problems in a safety and health program.

While large businesses may already be familiar with the benefits of using leading indicators, many small and medium-sized businesses may not know what they are or how to use them.

According to OSHA, the Leading Indicators Guidance can help such businesses get started. This document may also be useful to large businesses seeking new approaches to using leading indicators.

Leading indicators can improve organizational performance in a variety of ways:

  • Prevent workplace injuries and illnesses;
  • Reduce costs associated with incidents;
  • Improve productivity and overall organizational performance;
  • Optimize safety and health performance; and
  • Raise worker participation.

The guide states that “Leading indicators are a valuable tool, regardless of whether you have a safety or health program, what you have included in your program, or what stage you may be at in your program”.

OSHA encourages employers to get started today.