New International Safety and Health Standard

According to a report in Occupational Health and Wellbeing, a new international standard for occupational safety and health, ISO 45001, is set to be published next year. In advance of a roundtable discussion about the standard at November’s Institution of Occupational Safety and Health conference.

ISO 45001 is a global standard for occupational health and safety management systems that provides practical solutions for worker safety. It can help create a global foundation of worker safety standards and inspections that can be used by all global supply chains, for all industries and cover contractors and subcontractors in every country that supply products into these supply chains.

Every year, an estimated 2.78 million people die across the world from an accident at work or an illness caused by work activities – more than 7,500 every day.

A huge proportion of these deaths – 2.4 million – are from work-related diseases, including cancer. In addition to the terrible human cost, the burden of occupational injuries and diseases is significant, both for employers and the wider economy, resulting in losses from early retirements, staff absence, rising insurance premiums, lost reputation and lower productivity.

The upcoming standard ISO 45001 is intended to reduce this toll. It will be the first global standard of its kind, giving organizations a universally-accepted framework for improving employee health and safety, reducing workplace risks and creating healthier, safer working conditions. It will be applicable in all parts of the world and across all sectors.