New Fire Suppression System Helps Ranchers and Farmers

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Ventura Farms, Ventura Co – Ventura Farms had an accidental start in 2016 that lasted 2.5 days before the fire was closed out.

With the new American-built Water Atomizing Suppression Pump (WASP), Rich Sauer, founder and CEO of Micro-Dropletsystems Inc., and Ventura County firefighter for 31 years, believes if they had the new system they would have suppressed the fire quickly.

Sauer told SUN News: “With our suppression unit and valuable training, ranch employees will have the confidence to work on the ranch during dry season days of the year. The objective for ranchers is to have the ability to quickly suppress an accidental fire start with very little water while working on the ranch and to protect their valuable assets if a wildfire approaches. We have Class A/B foam capability for Class A & B fires.”

Formed in February 2016, Micro-Dropletsystems is the evolution with water application on a fire.   The WASP is a stand-alone fire suppression system that delivers up to 10-gallons a minute and creates less than .3 mm size water droplets.  The size of water droplets is scientifically proven to maximize water’s ability to cool and suppress a fire.  The WASP unit pressure range is 350 to 400 psi, which makes this a very safe fire suppression nozzle to work around.

The WASP unit is not only for fire departments.  It is designed for Homeowners, Ranchers, and Wineries from wildfires; new suppression system for Airports, Ships, New multi-story construction projects, military, and Police Swat Teams.

Sauer told SUN Reporter Jon Cowsill what makes this application so unique.

SUN News covered the launch of the WASP system in August 2016.