New App to Assist EMS in Mass Casualty Incidents

Source: Narin Phapnam - 123RF

Dougherty County, GA – Emergency Medical Services and the County Health have teamed up to provide a better patient tracking system in a first responders emergency situation.

HC Patient Tracking provides first responders with a reliable, fast and secure means of gathering vital data and sharing it in near real-time with both emergency and healthcare systems.

According to Albany CEO, with scan barcodes located on triage tags or ID cards to create records, the record in HC Patient Tracking includes the date and time when it was scanned, as well as the GPS coordinates.

Responders or triage personnel can add additional details to the records, such as detailed patient information, vitals, and injuries, as well as audio, video and still images.

Any items included in the record will be associated with that person throughout the cycle of triage and care to discharge.

The system was recently used when Dougherty County EMS partnered with the Marine Corps Logistics Base for an active shooter drill.

The tracking system allowed EMS to assist MCLB with quickly identifying victims and ensuring they were categorized based on injury and transported to the medical unit most capable of serving their medical needs.