New App for Workplace Safety

Source: 123RF

A new “quick and easy” app by Vision Zero has been released, to promote workplace safety.

The app promotes ISSA’s “7 golden rules — for zero accidents and healthy work.” It shows the workplace safety and health status of an organization, according to the agency.

The app offers interactive checklists, analyses the results, and gives an overview of the current status while showing the need for action on the operational level.

The app was developed by Mutual de Seguridad, Chile, which is both a partner of Vision Zero and a member of the International Social Security Association, the organization that developed this campaign.

The free app is available in English and Spanish and can be obtained for Android and iOS under the name “7 Golden Rules”.

ISSA’s “7 golden rules” are:

  • Take leadership commitment;
  • Identify hazards and risks;
  • Set safety and health targets;
  • Ensure a safe and healthy system;
  • Use safe and healthy technology;
  • Improve qualifications; and
  • Invest in people.

As the app is in a Beta version, the team behind will continue to work on improvements.